Insulate your Lunch Bag with Insul-Fleece

Insul-Fleece™ Craft Pack 27” x 45” from C&T Publishing

Insul-Fleece™ Craft Pack 27” x 45”

Have you ever used an insulated interfacing? Insul-Fleece™ is made for keeping hot things hot and cold things cold when sewn into your projects, which makes it the perfect companion for our new Lunch Bags! book. The 27″ x 45″ cut of Insul-Fleece included in our craft pack gives you just the right amount for a large lunch bag.

Debbie Hogan‘s Insulated Lunch Bag with Drink Pouch project (pictured below) is featured in Lunch Bags! and it’s the perfect project to test drive Insul-Fleece.

Debbie Hogan's Insulated Lunch Bag with Drink Pouch

Debbie Hogan's Insulated Lunch Bag with Drink Pouch

My daughter had been using a metal lunchbox. The kind we used growing up and still sometimes see in stores. The thing is, as cool as it looks, there is zero insulation. When I saw Debbie Hogan’s lunch bag design I knew it would make a good replacement.

The design intrigued me from the get-go with its snazzy looped closure, which gave off an interesting and hip look. It has an outside cinch drink holder, so the food contents within won’t get mushed (not popular with kids). There is plenty of room inside for a variety of tupperware etc. The slim interior pocket is perfect for holding an ice pack or napkin (one can only hope it gets used) and silverware. This is the bag I made…


The lunch bag I made using Debbie's project in the book, Lunch Bags!

I’m not a super experienced sewer, and I still found the mission of assembling this bag super easy. Insul-Fleece is simple to work with as well. It cuts and sews just like any batting. You wouldn’t even know that magic layer of mylar lies within.

Insul-Fleece material


After completing the lunch bag, I decided to make it MY lunch bag. I just love it! That might seem wrong, but after working with Insul-Fleece, my mind is reeling with possibilities. Here’s a look at the drink pouch on the back and a peek at the inside of the lunch bag…


It occurred to me that since she still loves her Horses Flying metal lunchbox, I could make an insul-fleece removable and washable lining. And so I will. If in the future she wants a lunch bag like mine, it’s easy enough to make another and besides, I’m sure she’ll request animal fabric. Now we’re both happy lunch carriers! Yay Insul-Fleece!

And you are going to be happy with your cool, new, insulated lunch bag very soon as well. Click here to download the project instructions for Debbie Hogan’s lunch bag. Happy sewing!


Lunch Bags! from Stash BooksThis project by Debbie Hogan is an excerpt from Lunch Bags!, one of the books in the Design Collective series. For more sewing patterns by Debbie Hogan, check out her Etsy shop. Find out more about Lunch Bags! after the jump.

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  1. Posted November 11, 2010 at 5:33 am | Permalink

    Love, Love, the design! Thank you for sharing the pattern…I can’t wait to make one of these lunch bags.

  2. Posted November 5, 2010 at 5:11 pm | Permalink

    i have used it before— love it. make hotpads with it. it does make a crinkly sound…funny.

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