The emotions of quilting … continued … Your secrets are safe with quilts

This month’s installment on our series titled ‘The Emotions of Quilting’ is brought to you by Cheryl Arkison. She is co-author of Sunday Morning Quilts and the creative mind (and momma!) behind the blog, Dining Room Empire.

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Quilts are the gossip keepers in a home. On any given day a quilt knows who is happy, sick, sucky, and lovey dovey. You want to know what’s going on in someone’s house, ask the quilts.

Cheryl Arkison Quilt Feelings for Stash Books Blog

On the good days the quilts stay on the back of the couch or packed away in the cupboards. On those days the sun is shining and the kids are outside with hula hoops and soccer balls. The quilts and snuggle time take a backseat to fresh air and running around like a maniac.

The good days sometimes bring picnics or outside tents. On those days the quilts are a thin layer between the grass and a momentary stoppage. Or they are a quiet capture of energy, storing it up for the days when snuggles are needed.

Cheryl Arkison Quilt Feelings for Stash Books Blog


Like a canary in a coal mine quilts are harbingers of sick days and bad moods. When the kids wake up, leave the comfort of their own bed and immediately curl up on the sofa with a quilt you know that today isn’t a normal day. A normal day leaves the quilts neglected in favour of breakfast. A sick day means we want the comfort of a quilt, especially when that quilt is made by momma and comes with snuggles from her.

Cheryl Arkison Quilt Feelings for Stash Books Blog

It’s easy to think that we grab our quilts just because we are cold. The warmth and weight of a quilt is unique to blankets. It takes a few washings to get a quilt all soft and drapey, although it provides a settled feeling at any point. That bit of weight is inherently comforting as well as warming. But if we’re cold we’ll put slippers on, grab a sweater, and maybe make some hot cocoa. We grab our quilts when we need more than mere warmth.

Cheryl Arkison Quilt Feelings for Stash Books Blog

A bad day at school, a rough encounter at work, the end of a trying day with family. All of these call for a quilt. Late nights and early mornings with a young baby, tension with your partner, a break-up with your boyfriend. All of these call for a quilt. The quilt knows it is needed and easily lays down for the challenge of comfort.

Cheryl Arkison Quilt Feelings for Stash Books Blog

And don’t forget that quilts know all about love. The kind of love that begs for hiding hand holding (and more!) among teenagers watching TV. The kind of love that keeps a long married couple cozy with their early bedtime. The kind of love that newlyweds celebrate under their wedding quilt. The quilts see it all, take it in, and hold those adventurous secrets.

Whisper your secrets to the quilt, it won’t tell. You can try to get the gossip, but in truth, the quilts hold them close, adding them to the story of the quilt. Quilts are the ultimate confidant – comforting and trustworthy. But oh, the gossip they could tell…

Cheryl Arkison Quilt Feelings for Stash Books Blog


Thank you Cheryl! What a wonderful addition to the series!

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  1. Alison Schmidt
    Posted October 30, 2012 at 3:57 pm | Permalink

    So true that quilts give a more comforting warmth than slippers and a robe – my family is back east, without power and without heat due to Hurricane Sandy, and my cousin Teresa just thanked everyone who’s ever made her family a blanket (I come from a family of knitters and crocheters) via facebook on her cell phone because they are all bundled up in them now, staying safe and warm.

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