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Stash Books is an imprint of C&T Publishing, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Stash Books launched in Spring 2010 in response to the growing sewing trend and as an effort to keep C&T Publishing “all quilting, all the time.” Click here for more information about C&T Publishing’s 25 year history in the quilting world.

Stash Books publishes illustrated titles that help you use fabric to create a beautiful lifestyle for your family, your friends, and yourselves. We are passionate about ensuring our instructions are accurate, our designs are inspirational, and our authors are people who you want to know and learn from. We also love to make things…a lot!

Meet our blog team:


I am Amy Marson, the Publisher at C&T Publishing. I have been with C&T for 10 years and have the privilege of running the day-to-day operations. And in my job, I get to see beautiful things every day.

I have been creating handmade projects for most of my life. I love to make something and give it away, very rarely do I keep what I make: my joy is in the making and then the giving. I am inspired by talented designers, beautiful images and anything with a texture. I sew, quilt, felt, knit, collage, draw, and paint. Show me a new way to create and I will give it a shot.

I am Gailen Runge, the Creative Director at C&T Publishing and a serial crafter. I’ve been quilting (and editing!) since 1991 and I will try any and every craft at least once.

While quilting is my first true love, now that I have two small children at home it sometimes takes a back seat to other (less time consuming) soft crafts, such as sewing bags and clothing and knitting. As the Creative Director, I oversee everything that happens to a book from acquisitions through arrival in the warehouse. That includes the Acquisitions Editor, the editing process (Developmental Editors, Technical Editors, Copyeditors, Proofreaders), production process (Production Coordinators, Production Editors, Photographers, Illustrators), the design phase (Designers, Page Layout Artists), project management, and manufacturing. Once we successfully get the book or product into the warehouse, I cede responsibility to the Sales & Marketing teams… and I start to plan what project I’ll make first from the new book!

I am Megan Scott. I handle publicity. It’s a lovely job that involves getting the word out about our fabulously talented authors and their books and projects. I feel blessed to have a job that lets me promote, sing and shout the gospel of handmade to anyone that will listen. I have a degree in Journalism and have worked in Radio and Television News in Los Angeles and San Francisco before starting my adventure in the wonderful world of publishing.

From an early age I have found different ways of expressing myself creatively. Whether you like to sew, paint, sing, dance or anything else that meets your fancy, I think any recipe for being a happy, healthy human being must involve a creative outlet. Since starting at C&T in 2008, my incredibly talented co-workers have introduced me to many new ways to be creative with fabric and a sewing machine. Of all the projects I’ve created, my favorite is Sock Bunny! He is from the book Socks Appeal. It’s not because he was hard to make, or I think it’s a beautiful piece of fabric art, sock bunny is my favorite project because of the joy he has brought to my household. We play with him, hide him in different places around the house to surprise each other and smile every time we see is adorable smirk. A store bought stuffed animal or toy has never brought that much joy with it. I hope the handmade projects in Stash Books will bring joy into your household and the friends and family you share your creations with.

I am Christine Mann, and I write about fabric arts for C&T Publishing and around the web. My mother taught me to love the handmade life. She had five children and still found the time to reupholster chairs, make matching velvet dresses for me, my sister, and our dolls, stitch crewel wall hangings, and express her creativity in many ways that I took for granted as a child. I really got bitten by the crafting bug when I had my own children and started making things for them. I’ve decoupaged furniture, painted china, quilted, made dolls and stuffies, recycled old blankets into purses, and needle felted little animals, among many other things. I’m in love with fabric and all its fabulous colors and patterns. It’s an honor to be able to share the crafting journey with you.

Sue AstrothI am Sue Astroth, both a C&T Publishing author and editorial team member. I have been a crafter my whole life—needle arts, quilting, and paper arts are my ongoing favorites. Most recently, I have been combining fabric and paper in unexpected ways. When I’m not in the studio creating new projects, I am out collecting treasures for my cards and quilts or pruning the roses in my garden. I don’t look back…except to say thank you to my family and friends for the love and support I constantly receive from them while I continue my artistic journey.

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