Abbey Lane Quilts

Marcea Owen and Janice Liljenquist are Abbey Lane Quilts. They are the authors of Baby Times.

There’s an old saying, “If we had known how much fun grandbabies were, we would have had them first.” Fortunately, Janice and Marcea had their kids first, and they are the ones who brought the moms together. The authors have been friends for more than 20 years. They met at church and then found out their kids were participating in all the same sports and activities. They love to craft, cook, and sew together and are often asked whether they are sisters. They are not but say they should be. Once while they were sewing a Halloween quilt together, Janice said, “We could design quilts,” and so it began. They started Abbey Lane Quilts in the summer of 2008 and say, “We have never looked back.”

Janice is an accomplished teacher in both the quilting and scrapbooking industries. She worked and taught classes in a Bernina quilt store for several years and has taught individual and group classes across the country. She owns a longarm quilting business and does the quilting for Abbey Lane Quilts. She has a business and accounting background. She works mainly on pattern writing and running the business end of Abbey Lane Quilts.

Marcea has a Bachelor of Science in public relations/organizational communications from Brigham Young University. She has owned several businesses, including arts and crafts and interior design. She currently runs a business that includes photography, public relations, and media relations. She is a published freelance writer. She has an art and design background, which helps her as the main designer for Abbey Lane Quilts.