Bethany Pease

Bethany Pease is a professional longarm quilter located in Raleigh, North Carolina. She offers a wide variety of her own unique quilting designs. Customers send her quilts from all over North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, California, Washington, and even Switzerland. She is constantly inspired by the world around her to come up with a seemingly endless variety of new quilting designs. Bethany has enjoyed the opportunity to speak at quilt guilds and other venues, demonstrating the creative process she uses to come up with new designs.

Bethany has always had a creative bent since early childhood and has expressed herself through various art forms such as drawing. At age nineteen, she discovered her love for longarm quilting, when her mother trained her how to use the machine to help with the family business. In addition to helping run the longarm quilting business, Bethany’s love for quilting also grew from working alongside her mother, Nancy, and twin sisters, Candace and Caitlyn, at their family-owned quilt shop. Bethany put herself through college on income from longarm quilting. She is excited to see what the future holds for her longarm-quilting career. is Bethany’s website, where she frequently shares with her readers her latest work and talks about her various quilting experiences. She is the author of Modern Quilting Designs.