Cheryl Arkison

You’ve come a long way, baby! It’s a cliché for sure, but an apt description of Cheryl’s journey from sewing tube dresses for her dolls to her first quilt book. There were stops at her grandmother’s house for lessons on cross-stitch that never quite took, the crowning achievement of winning the grade#8 Home Ec Award, and those years cooking to put herself through school.

Her not-so-secret additional life goals are to be a DJ, live in a house with a porch, and learn how to juggle. As a mother, wife, daughter, friend, designer, writer, teacher, and scotch lover, she’s managed the last one so far. Add to that her other side career as a food writer. See all her work (writing and quilting), inspiration, and challenges at

Cheryl is the author of A Month of Sundays and the co-author of Sunday Morning Quilts. She has also contributed to Modern Blocks. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, with her husband, kids, and pooch.