Rebecca Striepe

I am an independent crafter and freelance writer living in Atlanta, Georgia, with my husband and two cats. I love working with vintage fabric and salvaged materials. There’s just something about giving found objects a brand new life that really appeals to me. They lend their own stories to everything I make.

My crafty business, Glue and Glitter, is all about using existing materials in products that help folks waste less without feeling deprived. I believe in the power of little changes: using cloth napkins instead of paper or a reusable bag instead of a plastic one. Things like this add up to make a big impact! Even the act of cooking is so much greener than takeout when you consider all the packaging involved in ordering that Chinese delivery. If a cute apron encourages you to get in the kitchen and put a meal together or a lunch kit gets you packing your lunch for work or school, I hope that I can make one to inspire you!