Wendy Harbaugh

Her real name is Wendy Harbaugh, but her nickname is “Sunshine.” She is what’s known as a fiber artist. She has a bachelors in fine arts from Brigham Young University and a minor in art history She also has two associate degrees in fine arts and liberal arts. Even with the art degrees, most things she does are self-taught. While taking care of her family, Wendy loves to design and make handmade items. Besides quilting, she also does crochet, knit, tat, bobbin lace, rug-making, bead-work, needle lace, … the list goes on and on. In her spare time, she enjoys substitute teaching grades K–12. She believes that all people can make things with their hands—it just takes the desire and the time to learn the skill.


Contributor to: Countdown Calendars