Me and My Sewing Machine

About the Author

Kate Haxell learned to sew at an early age, making clothes for her long-suffering teddy bears. Her skills have sharpened since and she now sews for real people. She lives in London.

Me & My Sewing Machine spread
Me & My Sewing Machine spread

  • Complete instructions for tried and true techniques, from the basic set-up to the finishing touches
  • Learn everything you need to know (but might be afraid to ask) to sew exactly what you want
  • Includes an illustrated guide to how a sewing machine works with troubleshooting tips
  • Advice on the accessories you need to achieve the results you want
  • 7 chic projects to make for yourself and your home

This classy and clever book has everything a beginner needs, plus it’s an essential reference guide for even the most experienced sewers. Learn how to make different kinds of seams, hems, fasteners and bindings, as well as when and why to use each kind. Find your perfect signature style with finishing techniques like ruffles, pleats, ribbons and appliqué.