About the Author

Erin Burke Harris is a patchwork, sewing, and quilting pro, based in Kentucky. She began sewing as a young girl and has been playing with fabric ever since. Erin enjoys exploring different combinations of print, pattern and color and finds modern quilting to be a wonderful vehicle to view these in the context of a traditional craft. Aside from sharing her quilting adventures and tutorials on her blog, House on Hill Road, Erin’s patterns have been published in Stitch Magazine, Quilts Baby!, Pretty Little Patchwork, and A is for Aprons. She has also shared her quilting tutorials on the popular sewing website Sew Mama Sew.

QuiltEssential by Erin Burke Harris for Stash Books

The go-to reference for today’s quilters and fabric junkies

QuiltEssential by Erin Burke Harris for Stash Books

  • Photos, charts, and tables help you make your own design choices
  • Includes guides to quilt settings, piecing styles, color combinations, and fabrics
  • Bonus profiles of popular contemporary quilters and their quilting journeys

Got a question about quilting? Whether you want to know how to choose colors for your quilt, how many squares or triangles you can cut from the fabric you have, how to mix and match quilt blocks, or the difference between French quilting and sashiko—you’ll find the answers in Erin Burke Harris’ quick-reference directory of contemporary fabrics, colors, designs, and quilting techniques.