Sock It To Me

About the Author

Brenna MaloneyBrenna Maloney learned at a young age to look at ordinary things in extraordinary ways. She started by making sock bunnies as baby gifts. After her “4 millionth” rabbit, she realized there were lots of other critters to create. Brenna lives in Washington, D.C.

Come on over to the dark side of socks…

  • Irreverently inspiring follow-up to the best-selling Socks Appeal and Sockology
  • Creepy and crazy, weird and wicked…but still pretty darn cute!
  • Make these subversive sock projects by hand or by machine

Brenna Maloney is back with 16 all-new sock creatures to stitch-key-stealing gremlins, killer snowmen, sssslow sloths, evil clowns and more pop off the pages in this fun and colorful book. Projects range from super easy to satisfyingly complex, and you’ll learn about all the right tools, techniques, and of course, socks. Let your imagination run wild as you embellish all your beautiful beasts and make them each one-of-a-kind.